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Our service to the cycle industry

Offer our service as part of yours, and stand streets ahead of your competition.

You may be considering, or already sell bikes online, but have concerns about how to look after your remote customers, and give them the support which your local customers benefit from.

With the growth of online bicycle sales, it’s vital to stand out and look after all your customers to make sure they keep coming back to you, and recommend you to others. Cycle Assembly Network understand these issues and can help to resolve them.

New Bike Assembly: Do you D.I.Y or P.D.I ?

One of the problems with D.I.Y customer assembled bikes is the number of complaints and returns due to unskilled and unqualified assembly.

The impact of this on your business in terms of time, cost and damage to your reputation, can be a significant concern.

We support the values of your business, as we believe that all bikes should go through a full P.D.I (Pre Delivery Inspection) prior to the Customer receiving them.

By adding our unique service to yours, you can be sure that the bikes you sell online will be assembled to the highest standards, by a growing network of experienced and qualified cycle mechanics, reducing returns and increasing the value of your brand as a reliable, quality company that people want to buy from.

Contact us to talk about how this and other unique services are already working for direct bicycle retailers.

Remember the benefits:

  • Customers will be delighted with the convenient and innovative service available from your business, increasing customer loyalty and building your customer relationship
  • Prevention of D.I.Y assembly issues, complaints, unnecessary returns and associated costs.
  • Free up your own sales and technical staff to concentrate on your core business.
  • Tap into an established UK network of approved qualified/experienced mechanics.
  • Stand ahead of your competitors – convenience and service for your remote customers.
  • Gain quality control of the bikes you sell online - protecting your brand
  • Increase your revenue and keep your overheads down
  • We ‘d love to chat to you about your business needs and opportunities for the future.

    If you’re interested offering your customers added value, and standing out above the competition in a busy market, call us on 01924 479714 or email us at