Cycle Assembly Network

National Cycle Assembly and Servicing:

Our mission is to support the cycle industry by providing access to services which support the life cycle of all bikes which are sold online.

Cycle Assembly Network supports the whole of the cycle industry supply chain, including Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Independent Bike Dealers.

The online environment has brought both opportunities and challenges to the traditional bicycle industry.

From a professional assembly, through to maintenance, service and warranty support, the Cycle Assembly Network can help to ensure that the bikes you supply online function effectively and efficiently, and offer your customer a hassle free and rewarding cycling experience.

Consumers now expect easy access to after sales care, servicing and maintenance packages which will extend the life of their purchase, and expect convenient and hassle free support should something go wrong.

Our professional services, using our growing network of CAN approved mechanics, can be delivered at the home of the Customer, throughout most of the UK.

The best of both worlds...

We are flexible, innovative and committed to delivering high standards of service to both our clients and their customers.

Cycling is more accessible than ever before, yet many customers who have purchased a new bike via an online channel can find themselves detached and remote from the kind of advice, support and after sales care that specialist bike shops are proud to provide.

Cycling Assembly Network was conceived to bridge the sometimes uncomfortable gap between selling bikes online, and being able to offer physical service and support to distant customers.

Cycle Assembly Network is uniquely positioned to offer this kind of professional support to the cycle industry throughout the UK.

Find out more about the benefits to your business and your customers, of working in partnership with the Cycle Assembly Network or Contact us straight away to chat about how our unique services could increase your revenue and offer added value.